Homeless Hearts

Homeless Hearts

Ever feel like your wandering around in life and aren't sure why? Could your heart be living without a home?

Journey into the world of a heart without a home. A place where people wander through the world like a fatherless child, alone, invisible, hungry and impoverished. Never belonging, unprotected and so full of emptiness, every day goes by while these people exist, but don’t live. Now imagine that you are one of those people. Aren’t we all to some extent? Can we break free from such a devastating place and live with a heart at home? Of course we can—if we are willing to take the journey through a Homeless Heart.

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About the Book

Homeless Hearts is a personal journey of emotional and spiritual healing. Throughout the book, the author uses personal stories and some from history. In a transparent way, she shows transparency and invites readers to examine their hearts. Arranged in sections, the book explores the authors concept of a homeless heart. Then she goes on to explore seven tenets such as fatherlessness, the spirit of poverty, invisibility, displacement, lack of protection (fear) and emptiness.

Each section ends with a heart check, questions to aid the reader in self-examination. Lisa encourages churches, book clubs or group studies using this book. Those who want to use the book in a group setting can contact her through this website for special pricing. She is also available to speak or teach on the subject of Homeless Hearts.


Genres: Christian Living, Inspirational
Publisher: Radical Women
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Print and Kindle
Length: 330 pages
ISBN: 9781734039818
List Price: 12.95
eBook Price: 7.95
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