COVID-19 – The Deeper Dangers

Especially during this COVID-19 outbreak-think of others

COVID-19 may sneak up and claim my life. It’s possible – though not likely. I don’t take this illness lightly. Despite a good immune system, I self-isolated almost two weeks ago, spending the majority of time at home. As a diabetic, I don’t want to risk my health. Fortunately, I work from home anyway. So far, COVID-19 hasn’t affected my paycheck, and I thank God for that blessing. Of course, in these changing times, anything can happen.

When this madness began, I wondered whether the media and government over-reacted to this outbreak of the coronavirus – a virus similar to the common cold. But this strain behaves unlike the common virus, attacks with viciousness, and no one understands long-term effects. Thus, COVID-19 scares the bravest of souls. Yet others remain nonchalant and continue running around as usual—until their community implements a shelter-in-place order. As a result, thousands of cases spread all over the United States.

However, in the middle of this health concern, I keep seeing actions that concern me far more than COVID-19. I see fear and impoverished souls (AKA hoarding). If any virus terrifies me to the point where I hoard household products, I might have a deeper issue than whether I contract the coronavirus.

In Homeless Hearts, I deal with both the issues of fear and the impoverished soul. If we glimpse these heart issues, perhaps God can use this disease to perform healing in our spirits—good coming from an awful season.

Are you walking in fear – even terror – because of COVID-19?

“The first step to ending fear comes from admitting I have some. By identifying specific fears, I can then take a realistic look at them. Is the fear founded and necessary? Should I realistically overcome a fear of walking in a dark alley alone at night? Maybe not. The gift of fear can protect me from harm. I shouldn’t discount legitimate fear.

“Do I have unrealistic fears? Those ‘what if’ concerns. I have to address those. Is my fear based on personal experience, but holding me back from something better in life? Those, too, need my attention. Most of the time, I need to look fear straight in the face, and with wisdom, confront and obliterate it.

“Facing fears doesn’t come easy, but it must come if I’m to walk in freedom.” Excerpt from Homeless Hearts, page 233.

How much have you hoarded or attempted to hoard?

“What makes the difference? What causes one person to tuck away money and possessions in self-preservation mode and another to give what little they have? Among physically homeless people, the same extremes exist. One man hides food for later while another cuts a sandwich in half and gives it to someone else. This mindset of poverty does not come from actual lack. It is instead a deep-seated attitude that must be broken.” Excerpt from Homeless Hearts, page 71.

As a nation, we will overcome COVID-19. But the deeper dangers surfacing may remain in individuals. Examine your heart. Catching this virus may harm or even kill you, but keeping the viruses of fear and a poverty mindset destroy the soul. Fear doesn’t always produce an impoverished soul, but hoarding anything comes from a shoot growing straight from the root of fear.

During these days, I pray for all those infected, not only by a physical virus but also for those with a virus of the soul. Trust me – I’m doing heart checks on myself too.

“My life, my every moment, my destiny—it’s all in your hands.” (Psalm 37:15, TPT)

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