Christmas Presents

Handmade Christmas Gifts

Buying Christmas gifts produces a great deal of stress. As promised last week, I’m sharing a few ideas for making this year fun with handmade Christmas gifts while decreasing stress. Besides the financial benefits, creative efforts somehow soothe the soul, perhaps bringing back memories of a more simple time. Enjoy reading the ideas in this […]

What is Black Friday?

The Christmas season begins the day after Thanksgiving, known among retailers as Black Friday. What is black Friday? The term’s origin came from the point at which retailers begin to show profits – aka being in the black.  A DJ on a local radio station reported sixty percent of Americans shared a wish for Christmas—skip […]


Have it Your Way

As we approach the 2012 election, we easily get caught up in the politics and fear of what each candidate might do to our country.  We need to all vote—express our values and preferences. But regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, something more important is at stake for our country. C. S. Lewis […]

Angry Woman Imprisoned

Forgiven to Forgiveness

I met “Sue” not long after my divorce. Our common plight opened the door to conversation. I listened to her story, bitter anger spewing from her gaping wounds and splattering all over me. I said, “That’s such a sad story. How long ago did your husband leave you?” Sue didn’t hesitate. “1975.” More than twenty […]