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Lisa Bell is a freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction books, online and print articles. Her most recent book publications include Out of the Dungeon, Littleness of Faith, and The Third Step. She is also a community editor for NOW Magazines in two of their ten markets. Before becoming an editor, she did freelance writing for them, contributing over 100 articles. As an editor, she continues writing six articles each month for BurlesonNOW and WeatherfordNOW.

Having developed writing skills over the last dozen years, Lisa works with others to tell their stories and bring it to published formats. She supports and encourages writers who want to use cost-effective publishing options. In addition to writing for herself, she also offers editing and coaching as well as self-publishing services. Her goals include helping new and seasoned writers not only achieve publication, but also produce a product people want to read.

After almost 20 years in the corporate world, Lisa stepped away to pursue all things writing. The skills learned for project work and management, technology and general office applications serve her well to help other writers.

Lisa also leads and coaches writing groups for Story Help Groups, formerly known as North Texas Christian Writers Association (NTCW) and speaks or teaches whenever the opportunity arises.

Lisa holds a BS in Business Management from University of Phoenix, is a CLASS alumni, active member of multiple writing groups, a member of the Editorial Freelance Association, and volunteers with local ministries.

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