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2019 Cover Design Revised

Homeless Hearts Progress Update

After many years, starts and stops, I am finally almost finished. By this time tomorrow, if all goes as planned, Homeless Hearts will be available for purchase. I’m thrilled to be almost finished with this project and excited about seeing what comes next. Most of all, I’m excited to share the things God gave me […]

Out of the Dungeon Cover

Out of the Dungeon – Chapter One

Out of the Dungeon – Chapter 1 “Someone help. My buddy’s been shot.” Charissa’s head snapped up from a patient’s chart. A man staggered through the doorway under the weight of his friend, who looked more like a dead body than someone in need of the ER. The chart in her hands clattered against the […]

Old telephone handset hanging in the air isolated on white

Technical Difficulties

Due to technical difficulties, you may have missed some recent posts.  I’m assured the issue will be corrected as of Tuesday morning, February 5th. If you didn’t get my post by email Sunday evening, please visit my site. Thank you for your understanding and for participating in this test email, which is incidentally far more […]