God’s Point of View About Me

Does God see me?

Does God see me?

Writers often talk about point of view – also known as POV. When writing from a point of view, I tell the story from that character’s perspective.

In life, our own POV lacks luster. Of course, to stay in a character’s point of view, I can only describe my looks based on what I see. For example, at this moment I have no clue how my face looks. I suspect my eyes droop, perhaps with dark circles under them at a late hour. However, I cannot really see these things, so I can’t describe them accurately other than how I feel.

Not wanting to look in a mirror (too cliché) I’m often resigned to use my feelings when considering the exterior of me, and feelings can be so inaccurate.  Many things in life determine my point of view when looking at myself. Sometimes, the birds sing, sun shines with bright warmth, gentle breezes kiss my cheek, and all is right with my world. Overflowing joy blossoms from me, and I feel as if my face glows. I’m beautiful. On days when I make a multitude of mistakes (or even one big goof) or respond inappropriately to someone, my feelings aren’t complimentary. Those days I don’t feel pretty at all.

Ironically, those are usually the days when someone tells me I look pretty. Why do other people see me differently than I see myself? How can others see me in such a different light than my point of view?

Dove created a great video depicting the difference between how I see myself and how others see me. Take a few minutes to watch and notice the reaction of these women.

This Will Have You Rethink What TRUE BEAUTY Looks Like – A MUST WATCH from keephopealive on GodTube.

If other people see me so differently, how much more is that true of God? In the story of Gideon, the angel watched as he hid from the Midianites beating out wheat. Not exactly what I picture as a brave man – hiding from the enemy. Yet the angel of the Lord called him valiant warrior. (Judges 6:11-12) From God’s point of view, Gideon was something very different than perhaps even how he saw himself. What does God see when he looks at me? How does he see you?

Imagine God’s point of view when he looks at you. Ask a close friend what they think he sees in you. The answer might surprise you.

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