Memorial Day-Reminder of Freedom

Price of Freedom

Price of Freedom

Memorial Day. For some the day means little more than a holiday—a time for picnics or families. Perhaps that first trip of the season out on the lake. For others, this truly is a day for remembering loved ones lost in wars—even war-zones we don’t mention much like Afghanistan. Saying “happy Memorial Day” feels like an oxymoron. How can a day set aside to remember death hold happiness?

I recently had the privilege of meeting Kaye Jordan, a grieving mother who lost her son when he was only 19. In her grief, Memorial Day means so much more than what other see in this holiday. For her today is difficult—a reminder of all she’s lost. Her words express the feelings of this day much better than anything I can write. Click on the link below to read Kaye’s story.

Forever 19-Weatherford NOW, May 2014

Although I won’t negate the pain of those who have lost loved ones, today I choose to remember not only fallen soldiers, but also the greatest sacrifice in all of history. Seeing the natural world comes easily for humans. But our truest battles are those of the spiritual realm. Some we should remember today didn’t wear uniforms. They were no less soldiers, dying because they chose to stand for freedom to declare Jesus as Lord.

Perhaps the greatest battle happened when Jesus died on the cross. He fought the ultimate spiritual battle winning freedom for all humanity. This Memorial Day, I choose to remember the ultimate sacrifice He made, dying in my place.

Without Jesus, there would be no hope of ever seeing loved ones again. See, when Jesus rose again he defeated death, giving us hope. Hope that someday, we will reunite with those lost in battle or life, and together we will all celebrate freedom from our greatest enemy—death isn’t always physical. The worst of all battles is the spiritual warring over our inner beings.

Memorial Day. One day set aside to remember; a reminder of what we should consider every day. A day to remember our greatest war, the one against our souls.

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