Behind and Missing Opportunities–Welcome to 2016

As we approach the middle of January, I’m already behind on my 2016 goal to blog regularly. A new year of opportunity already in full swing and I missed some of it. If I may be so bold, my entire life feels behind. I started the New Year behind. Am I a bit frustrated? Absolutely—even as I enjoy my indoor Christmas decorations for a few more days. They will come down eventually. Hopefully soon.

behind in work

Feeling behind and a bit overwhelmed in the new year?

I don’t like being behind on my work. So many projects—so little time. I can produce all kinds of excuses, maybe even good reasons. But it doesn’t change the truth. I have work left undone from 2015. I can beat myself up for it, fall into a funk and give up. Or I can take responsibility, refocus myself and work hard to catch up.

I missed blogging about important holidays over the last few months. I wanted to write about gratitude as we celebrated Thanksgiving. I can still talk about gratitude in the next month, and I probably will. I especially wanted to spend an entire month writing about Christmas. Perhaps that will wait until the end of this year. And of course, I wanted to offer a bit of encouragement as 2016 arrived, complete with fireworks and a restless night of sleep for me personally. That one—I might still be okay with writing about goals and time management. Ironic isn’t it? I desire to encourage others with tips on self-discipline and managing the 24 hours a day we all have available.

Behind Schedule Reality Check

A dear friend and client of mine send a text this morning. Do you have time for…? Do I have time? Have you seen my plates lately? I’m talking salad, dinner and dessert plates, which are all overflowing. Nothing new for me. I’ve been in this boat for years with more than I can possibly do every day, always feeling behind. Only in 2016, my plates contain things I love and want to do. So it’s all good. I do have 24 hours in this day, and every day. It isn’t if I have time to take on one more thing. The bigger question screams at me. Will I make time for a small project to help a friend? Yes. But I must also determine how I fit all of this into my life. Figure out how I can accomplish all of my commitments.

So, a little late with wishing everyone God’s abundant blessings as we move forward in a fresh year. Perhaps you, like me, already feel like you’ll never catch up with all you need to do. Let me remind you, God’s timing is perfect. I may feel behind, but He knows exactly when I’m supposed to finish every project. He knows the deadlines I must meet, and the self-imposed ones. He is more concerned about my being than doing. If I seek Him first, all this other stuff will get done. Maybe not when I think, but when He wants it done.

That doesn’t remove the responsibility from my need for self-discipline and order in my life. But it does assure me that I can rest in the Lord and breathe. I can spend time with Jesus and not feel guilty, and I can ask for help, from Him and others when I have to.

Welcome to 2016. A new year. A fresh beginning. And fortunately, the grace and mercy of a God who gives me a second chance to say Happy New Year—even if I am 10 days late.

May He bless you beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations this year.

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