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Freedom. What a beautiful word. At the end of this week, people will start celebrating. It is inevitable. We like parties. And July 4th is a huge reason to celebrate. After all, it represents the freedom of our nation.

We have concerns about eroding liberty in the USA these days. We question if we are truly free. Good questions. In the grand scheme of things, we still have far more independence here than in many countries. The fact that we can express these questions aloud and in writing means, we are still free.

Often in our times of fun, we forget the cost. So I encourage you to look back and rediscover what happened during the American Revolution. Consider the price so many paid. We look back in history to learn and avoid repeating mistakes. This is a good week to do that and share it with your kids or grand-kids.

Do you remember why we wanted freedom?

While some may try to hide the truth or make it about something else, in the beginning, the forefathers came to a new world to worship freely. Instead of a government dictating how, when and where people worshiped the Creator, they wanted freedom to express themselves in the way they worshiped. It wasn’t to keep God out of government’s business, but to keep government out of God’s business. And His business has always been about sharing His love.

May I challenge you with a different freedom?

How free are you spiritually? In your heart, do you walk in freedom? Do you even know what that means? I used to think I was free, but my heart had so many chains binding it, I couldn’t see the bondage I carried. In His amazing grace, God set me free from past hurts, anger and fear—ooooh especially the fear. It’s simple. Take all that nasty stuff hiding in my heart, lay it at His feet and surrender to Him.

Okay it sounds simple. But like the American Revolution, it isn’t done without a lot of bleeding and pain. Then again, the wounds of my past already had me immersed in pain—unable to feel joy or peace, and that pain certainly took the passion right out of my life. So, when I let God reach in, reopen those wounds, take out the putrid infection hiding beneath the surface, clean up all the blood and then pour His healing all over it, He restored my joy and passion for living.

Things aren’t always perfect. Stuff happens. But what I learned remains. I can take it to the Creator for His healing touch, and renew freedom in my heart. It amazes me—this thing of surrender creating freedom. But that is for another day.

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July, enjoying freedom.

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