Darkness in Life – Where is the light?

The son shines through darkness in life.

At some time in all our worlds, we experience a darkness in life. Circumstances bring with them trouble – and it doesn’t matter whether we are strong Christians or the worst of heathens. Darkness in life is part of living in this world.

The question?

What do we do when dark days fill our tiny little world that seems so very big to us? Do I live in that darkness? Or do I make a tough choice of overcoming it? Sometimes I really do need answers, yet they don’t come. And I don’t know how to make sense of everything going on in and around me. When darkness in life hits me hard, the night is unkind.

For me, I go to God and He is my answer, my solid ground, my rock. I may not come to understand the difficulties in this world, but I do know that He keeps me going. I love this song because I first heard it on a day after several where the night had been unkind to me. Even without explanations, God is my answer to the darkness in life. He is my light.

As I finish out this week and enter the next going into Thanksgiving, I choose light. No matter what circumstances may say, I will not dwell in darkness. As God casts me gently into the morning, I walk in His light.

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