My Inner Nemesis

My Inner Nemesis

A Journal Designed for Writers

Every writer has an inner nemesis - probably several. The desire to write and create fights with everyday life. And sometimes we need a little help.

This book includes sections for encouragement/inspiration, writing prompts, exercises and challenges, venting, prayers and submissions, and to record or develop ideas. Use one section per day or multiple. And most of all, have fun overcoming your inner nemesis.

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About the Book

Designed for writers, the first section has 12 inspirational quotes and encouragement. From one writer to another, we all need some help. The next three sections each contain 12 writing prompts, 12 writing exercises and 12 writing challenges. Because we all have days of frustration, the fifth section provides space for merely venting those frustrations. By acknowledging and expressing them, we can deal with those emotions and move forward with the important stuff–writing. Then, A sixth section provides 12 spaces of recording prayers, gratitude and are submissions. The final section combines blank and lined pages for recording/developing ideas, sketching potential covers, or brainstorming.

This journal is a tool for writers to fight the inner nemesis that hinders our writing journey.

Publisher: Radical Women
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback
Length: 191 pages
ASIN: 1732536376
ISBN: 9781732536371
List Price: 9.95
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