Out of the Dungeon

Out of the Dungeon
Series: Freedom from the Dungeon
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Radical Women
Publication Year: 2013
Length: Complete novel
ASIN: 0615731422
ISBN: 0615731422

Drake wants nothing more than to destroy Charissa's faith, and he won't stop at anything, including deception, enticement and using others to break her.
After waking, chained in a dungeon, she learns her true shackles aren't physical. The only way to escape comes from breaking emotional and spiritual bondage. Once free, Charissa must make a decision that will affect her life - and her soul.
Which is better? Walk in physical freedom with chains around her heart, or risk imprisonment or even death to free five women held captive because of her? Will she return and lead the others Out of the Dungeon?

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About the Book

Sick of repeatedly witnessing death in a big city ER, Charissa Imani returns to the safety of her hometown and dear friend Haniel McCrae. There, she dreams of saving orphans in foreign countries. But when Drake Hannibal appears at the small town ER with a wounded hunting buddy, who dares die on her, life changes. How can she accomplish anything of value when she can’t save one man?

Drake pursues her, challenging her faith and complacency. Ignoring Haniel’s warnings, she dives into a relationship. Too late, Charissa finds herself literally chained in a dungeon with five other women, part of a sick game. But will escaping from physical chains set her free? And what about the women shackled with her?

In an ultimate decisive moment, Charissa must fight spiritually to break free and follow the one man who can lead her into passionate living. Will she choose to risk captivity with a free heart, or live in physical freedom, spiritually bound by fear, guilt and shame after leaving without taking the others Out of the Dungeon?

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