Say Thank You

The writer of Ecclesiastes said, “All is vanity.” With everything going on in the US right now, feeling that way comes easy, in spite of the Thanksgiving holiday next week.

As I’ve read the words of Solomon, I realized some very important things. First, he focused on negative thoughts. He saw only the redundancy of the sun’s path. Instead, what if he meditated on the beauty and majesty in every sunrise and sunset? Varying clouds mingle with the sun and paint a unique portrait twice every day. In the midst of gray storm clouds, often the sun peaks through, producing rays of light and, sometimes, a silver lining.

The wise king also focused on himself in the second chapter of this book. When I work only for myself and don’t bless others with what comes from the hand of God, all does seem worthless in this life.

How do I say thank you when the future, and maybe even the present, looks bleak? Simple. Look for the positive things in my life. When I stop for even a moment and focus on good instead of bad, my heart begins to grow thankful. The more I thank God, the more I see worthwhile. With gratitude filling me, blessing others follows—whether large or small, tangible or intangible, I can share something.

Are you having a hard time feeling thankful today? Start small, and simply say thank you, God, for giving me life. If you can’t see Him, ask to see His glory. In His faithfulness, He’ll show you reasons to have a grateful heart.

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