Sicker Than a Dog

102? No way – I don’t have time to be sick the week before Christmas.

Rest, lots of fluids, and the Big O are my friends.

Rest, lots of fluids, and the Big O are my friends.

The Tuesday before Christmas, I ended the day not feeling so great. Wednesday, I felt bad, but in response to my friend’s question I replied, “No. I’m not sick.” By ten that night, I conceded. Definitely sicker than a dog, the beast descended, leaving me feeling worse than a sick puppy and searching for the Big O (Oscillococcinum) and some hot tea.

Thursday, I sent a message to my manager as I worked from home, letting her know I might be MIA off and on during the day and thankful I’d already planned to be off work until the 31st. By Friday afternoon my fever broke, and I ventured out of the house.

Funny thing about getting sick—all those things you absolutely must do in preparation for the perfect Christmas may go undone. Although I felt better by the end of the weekend, my body refused to jump up and run races around everyone. My energy level zapped, I accepted truth. I’m not superwoman. I determined that long ago, yet so many times, I live as if I believe I am and can do everything. I can’t.

Getting sick right before Christmas slowed me down, forcing me to admit my weakness and mortality. Not such a bad thing.

As I end this week of Christmas, I feel human again, but a nap this afternoon definitely made its way into my schedule. So for those of you who find yourself sitting on the sofa, here are a few tips.

Admit you’re sick. Go ahead—say the words. You can’t get well if you don’t take care of yourself, and the first step is admitting it.

Drink extra fluids and plenty of rest. Kool-Aid never tasted so yummy when nothing else sounded good and no one was around to run to the store for more orange juice. A cool rag on my forehead took me back to childhood when my mom did that for me. Our bodies restore themselves in amazing ways, but work much better when we do what’s necessary to help them.

At the first sign of flu or severe colds, take Oscillococinum by Boiron. A natural product that helps the body’s immune system heal.

Above all, don’t feel guilty. As women, we tend to take care of everyone else when they’re sick. Then when the beast turns on us, we think we’re supposed to keep going until we collapse. It’s okay to be sick and you’ll heal much faster if you stop and just be sick. The world will continue and maybe, just maybe, when you’re well again, you will have enjoyed some much-needed rest.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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