From Slavery to Freedom-You Choose

#Slavery. Harsh word.

#Breaking free from sin

#Breaking free from sin

Not all slave owners in history treated their slaves bad. Some loved their servants, and the slaves loved their masters. So much that even when released from bondage, the slave chose to remain in servitude to the master. Hard to believe, but true. The slave became a bondservant. In Biblical times, they took an awl and pierced the slave’s ear indicating he or she chose to serve their master.

Slavery to sin isn’t kind. Sin—in short—consists of selfish desired with no thought for others. The heart of sin demands bowing to my personal wants, pleasures and whims. It takes no thought for another’s needs whether they’re tired, hungry, or lonely.

Sin is all about me. Putting myself first.

In the weeks leading to the Super Bowl, human trafficking made headlines. The subject appeared in blogs, tweets and public service announcements. Those ensnared in that lifestyle said it was only another weekend. Women, girls and boys in that horrendous world experience slavery every day. Yes, we need to fight against it, striving to end what most people never see. Slavery did not end in America with the Emancipation Proclamation. People buy and sell other humans daily—not only overseas, but down the street as well. In some cases, parents sell their own children. Sick.

The world of human trafficking depicts so well our slavery to sin. Satan sucks us in, and then 24/7 sin calls the shots.

Before I enter a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I am enslaved. I cannot leave the path of sin—I may not even realize I’m walking on a road leading to destruction. But Jesus came to set the captives free. He died, offering his life in our place, to break the chains of bondage. He doesn’t force me to walk with him after that. From that moment forward, I get to choose whether I follow him or stay on the path of sin. And when I choose Jesus, he gives me the Holy Spirit as a constant companion.


Why would I walk back to that lifestyle of slavery? I may feel powerless to change from the way I used to live. But the Holy Spirit empowers me to overcome. “I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength.” –the apostle Paul, written to Christians at Philippi. I am an overcomer—more than a conqueror.  I have a choice—to walk in freedom or keep on living as if Satan controls me.

What will you choose today? You cannot serve both God and Satan. But you will serve one or the other. Your choice. Choose wisely. Gotta serve somebody.

To read more about human trafficking I suggest these two books:


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