Seeing A Father’s Love

We TwoI grew up not quite certain of a father’s love. Later I understood. We spoke different love languages, but he indeed loved me. The earthly relationship between a father and daughter sometimes distorts our view of the Heavenly Father. In addition, we attended a church who talked about giving God the glory. I thought we weren’t supposed to shine, because doing so might detract from God’s glory.


As I watched the video of a father/daughter performing duo, I couldn’t help but consider the father’s love. Between the two, the daughter had far more talent than the father. Yet he enabled her to do what she does best. His love nudged her forward to fulfill her dreams. No one gushed over him; but watch him closely as they praise his daughter. He beams—not caring about himself, but simply adoring her. (Click on link to watch the video.)

Father-Daughter Street Performers Bring Audience to Their Feet With a Duet from alegator21 on GodTube.

Our Heavenly Father shines when we do the things he intended before our birth—even from our mother’s womb. And like the dad in this video, he takes pleasure in watching us succeed, revealing a father’s love greater than what we experience in the natural. Do we still need to give glory to the Lord? Absolutely. He gives us talents, and using them in a godly way brings glory to him, even when we don’t speak it.

Why do we fear stepping into our destiny and reflecting God’s light with talents he gave us? What holds you back?

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