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Running the race

The Irony of Self-Discipline

Discipline. The very word sends heartbeats to a higher rate, instantly raising blood pressure. No one really likes discipline; we seldom ask for it. So the thought of invoking discipline upon myself rarely sends me into spurts of rapture. Yet, maturity demands my ability to control my own behaviors, attitudes, even thoughts. Why then, do […]

Tending the Garden of My Heart

When I moved into my home, the previous homeowner left a beautiful vegetable garden. The first year, I tended the remaining food growing there. The next year, I traveled for work in the spring, and never got around to preparing the garden or planting anything. The result—worthless fallow ground. One Saturday this year, while spring […]

My Christmas wish? A little more time.

Time Management

Just one more seam, and I’ll be finished. What? You’re hungry? Oh bother. Five more minutes. Of course that is when everything falls apart and I have to stop midstream, shift my attention, and maybe two hours later I get back to that last seam, which now takes 30 minutes to finish. Halfway through December, […]