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Holding Back

In life, circumstances come—good and bad. Cursed by our humanity, we fall to a dreaded disease called holding back from our destiny. The prophet Jeremiah stated God has plans for us, and they are plans for good, not destruction. (Jeremiah 29:11) Many times, we forget that truth as the stuff of life consumes our energy. […]

Littleness of Faith

Now available for Kindle – Littleness of Faith, a study of Matthew 17:20. The print copy was published in May 2012. Now you can have the Kindle version for $2.99. As a Prime member you can borrow from the Kindle Lenders Library any time. As a Kindle launch promotion, download free between January 24-28. Go […]

Sicker Than a Dog

102? No way – I don’t have time to be sick the week before Christmas. The Tuesday before Christmas, I ended the day not feeling so great. Wednesday, I felt bad, but in response to my friend’s question I replied, “No. I’m not sick.” By ten that night, I conceded. Definitely sicker than a dog, […]

My Christmas wish? A little more time.

Time Management

Just one more seam, and I’ll be finished. What? You’re hungry? Oh bother. Five more minutes. Of course that is when everything falls apart and I have to stop midstream, shift my attention, and maybe two hours later I get back to that last seam, which now takes 30 minutes to finish. Halfway through December, […]

Christmas Presents

Handmade Christmas Gifts

Buying Christmas gifts produces a great deal of stress. As promised last week, I’m sharing a few ideas for making this year fun with handmade Christmas gifts while decreasing stress. Besides the financial benefits, creative efforts somehow soothe the soul, perhaps bringing back memories of a more simple time. Enjoy reading the ideas in this […]

What is Black Friday?

The Christmas season begins the day after Thanksgiving, known among retailers as Black Friday. What is black Friday? The term’s origin came from the point at which retailers begin to show profits – aka being in the black.  A DJ on a local radio station reported sixty percent of Americans shared a wish for Christmas—skip […]


Have it Your Way

As we approach the 2012 election, we easily get caught up in the politics and fear of what each candidate might do to our country.  We need to all vote—express our values and preferences. But regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, something more important is at stake for our country. C. S. Lewis […]